We are Nuveev.

We believe in
your well-being.

At Nuveev, we firmly believe that skincare is a work of wellness, and wellness is a work of art. It’s important to us that you’re able to find good, clean, simple skincare products that work for you. We work with industry-leading experts to develop safe products with high-quality ingredients to help you get the most of your skin.




Nuveev is about empowering people to love loving their skin. Through not only creating industry leading CBD-infused products, but educating our community on how to best use them, we are working to make the world of skin-care a more approachable place. Our products represent healthy skin, our brand represents a healthy life.

We created these guiding principles to ground Nuveev, they represent not only our key values, but what we hope to help you achieve as well.


    Always work towards being a better version of yourself. Especially when it comes to your health! Whether that be mental, physical, or of course, your skincare! Aspiring health isn’t about putting any additional pressure to perform on yourself, it’s about being encouraged and empowered to look for the little moments to make a difference in your overall well-being.


    Your skin is one of your body’s most important organs and its definitely the biggest! It deserves every bit of love the rest of your body gets. Beyond helping us look a little younger, healthy skin plays an integral part in our bodies’ sensory system, regulatory abilities, defense systems, and overall health. Like we always say here at Nuveev, skincare is a self-care, so make sure you’re giving your skin some extra TLC!


    Wellness isn’t an end goal, it’s not something you can complete and set aside. It’s the perpetual search for balance and wellbeing. We believe the road to achieving wellness is ongoing, that’s what makes it so exciting - so fulfilling. We get to practice wellness continuously in our daily lives, figuring out what works best for ourselves and what doesn’t. It’s a lifestyle. It’s an artform. The promise we make to ourselves to always strive for our best - to treat our bodies like the most precious possession we have in this life – that is achieving wellness.


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