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Epic moment for cannabis: Industry celebrates third anniversary of legalization in Canada

Nuveev has a product line which includes skin care products and beverages. Nuveev has combine the benefits of CBD specifically with plant extracts to create a product that is a well-rounded product ideal for every single age, race, consumer ,skin concern. Anything from hydrating, nourishing your skin, all the way to, helping your skin age gracefully and attaining healthy skin. Nuveev also has a beverage which focuses on internal and external wellness.

What’s Nu in Beauty: Nuveev Brings Cosmetic Quality to Cannabinoid Topicals

Nuveev Inc., a CBD wellness brand, announces the introduction of their line of cosmetics and topical products, and the growth of distribution networks and product availability. Nuveev’s line of beauty and skincare is now available in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Ontario, along with their CBD wellness beverage, with further expansion into Alberta and British Columbia by the end of 2021.

CBD Infused Cosmetics Hit the Market

Samantha Marchione, Portfolio Manager for Nuveev.


Cannabis-Infused Beverages Continue To Inspire Deals

The beverage market continues to expand. New, more creative flavor profiles will continue to be introduced offering a wider selection of preferences, and brands (Nuveev and otherwise) are now exploring innovation in the space.

Nuveev launches cosmetic-quality CBD topicals in Canada

The beauty and skincare products are now available in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario, with further expansion due in B.C. by the end of the year.


Interview with Samantha Marchione, Co-Founder Nuveev Health and Wellness

Nuveev is the health and wellness brand that empowers consumers to discover the best of natural beauty and the everyday benefits of proactive cannabis use. Representing a new era of skincare innovation, Nuveev’s thoughtfully formulated products pair antioxidant rich plant derivatives with the restorative properties of cannabidiol (CBD) to help Canadians achieve all of their beauty and wellness goals.


CBD Skin Care with Samantha Marchione from Nuveev – 1:11-1:24

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