Breaking Down the Barriers (Part 1)

CBD: Breaking Down The Barriers (Part 1)

By: Samantha Marchione | 05/18/2022

Cannabis and beauty. Two things you may have never paired up in your mind before – but believe us when
we tell you, they go together like salt and pepper. Before we get into the specifics, detailing exactly how the
cannabis plant can work wonders, we want to take you through the basics, so you can be completely comfortable with everything you’re putting on your skin.

Cannabis is derived from the Cannabis Plant Species and is made up of two main active ingredients called
Cannabinoids and Terpenes. The two main and most relevant cannabinoids are THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol). THC is known to create a more psychoactive affect, or the typical ‘head high’
and euphoric feeling cannabis is famous for bringing. CBD, on the other hand, does quite the contrary. CBD
is recognized for its anti-inflammatory, balancing and calming properties, and can have no psychoactive
feeling; no matter what quantity you consume. That’s the cannabinoid we’re going to be focusing on.

So how does CBD actually interact with, and benefit, your skin? Well, cannabinoids (like CBD) and terpenes
work together synergistically through a process called the entourage effect, and they have a unique ability
to activate, and interact with, the body’s endocannabinoid system – a cellular subset of the nervous system
which maintains balance in your body. That’s why you either experience that ‘high’ feeling, if using THC, or
experience symptoms of balance and relief when using CBD.

That’s what makes CBD such a standout skincare ingredient; using Cannabinoid Receptors called CB1 and
CB2 interacts with the brain, and other parts of the body via the nervous system, CBD engages with the body through its own system, in a unique way, allowing for unique results… see next post for Part 2.