Prepping Your Skin For The Winter

6 Tips to Prepare Your Skin For The Winter Season 

By: Samantha Marchione | 11.26.2022

Hey Nuveev Community, Welcome back! As we prepare for the colder season, our skin experts wanted to share  the 6 top tips you need to know that can help your skin prepare for the winter season!

1. Adjusting your cleansing and exfoliating routine!
You may notice as the seasons change your skin is naturally producing less oil, but instead you’re noticing more tightness, dryness, and flakiness. We recommend opting for a gentler cleanser that will not only cleanse the skin but avoid stripping it from the necessary oils we need on the face. Continue to exfoliate based on your skin needs (we recommend 2-3x a week max). Exfoliating can be great to remove that flakiness but be mindful you’re not over exfoliating and sensitizing your skin! It is very common that our skin is a lot more sensitive in the winter vs any other season.


2. Prioritize nourishment and hydration, a bit less time on actives.
Because our skin can be more sensitive than normal, it is crucial that we feed it great ingredients, vitamins, and antioxidants to keep it balanced and healthy. Focusing too much of your routine on exfoliating (AHAs/BHAs) can lead to damaging your skin barrier, which can lead to irritation, sensitivities, and further damage to your skin overall. Lean towards nourishing moisturizers, repairing serums, and hydrating toners and mists.


3. Sandwich your hydration!
This can be a simple and easy integration into your routine while bringing you drastic positive results. Adding in a humectant-rich (moisture attracting) facial mist will help grab onto moisture and lock it into the skin, leading to plump, supple and sufficiently hydrated skin. The Gentle Hydrating Facial Mist is our BFF for this step – we layer it after our cleansers, between our serums, before our moisturizers, and EVEN throughout the day to give our skin a refreshing glass of fresh water.


4. Watch Your Water Temperatures!
This is a small change in your steps, but can make a big difference in the dryness of your face and body. Though the steaming-hot showers feel great in the moment, they can actually strip the skin, losing extra moisture and oils that we need. Sometimes when this happens, it leaves our skin flaking and SUPER itchy. Our big tip here is to find the fine line with your water temperatures – lukewarm water still gives that wonderful calming experience, without drying your skin on your face and body out.


5. Skincare Tools!
We recommend 2 top tools for the winter time to help rid your skin of flakiness and discomfort!
  • A Bedside Humidifier!
This can be a great way to add moisture in the air, help your skin recover overnight, and avoid water and moisture loss as we sleep.
  • A Dry Body Brush 
This can give us an extra exfoliation boost all over the body, shedding dead surface skin cells, stimulating blood flow AND collagen production in the skin.


6. Don’t be scared of heavier moisturizers!
We know everyone’s skin is different, so heavy moisturizers MAY not be your first choice. However, in your PM routine, they can bring your skin a lot of comfort and repair. Thicker moisturizers are usually nutrient rich, which can help restore, replenish, and repair your skin. So if you don’t enjoy a thicker moisturizer in the day, try incorporating it into your PM routine, or you can even mix your favourite facial oil to add an extra boost of comfort and recovery.
When it comes to skincare, remember that more moisture is always better, and healthy skin is happy skin! It’s important to adapt to your skin’s needs throughout seasonal changes as your concerns continue to evolve, but we’re here to show you how you can address them through small tweaks in your current routine. If you’re interested in learning more, or have questions about your own routine, join our “Skincare: Learn Your Routine” masterclass to speak to one of our skin specialists one on one!